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What is Great Deal$® Magazine?

The highest quality direct mail advertising publication available: Great Deals Magazine is a high profile, 4-color magazine, printed on heavyweight glossy stock and mailed to more households in the markets we serve than any other publication. You don’t have to worry about how to reach non-subscribers, if they get mail… they WILL see your ad!

Unsurpassed Market Penetration
Advertising is all about getting in front of enough people. Our market saturation guarantees that your advertising will be reaching enough customers to impact your business.
Extended Exposure
Mailed every other month Great Deals Magazine gives you up to eight weeks of exposure for a single investment. Our mailing dates are strategically selected to provide our clients maximum exposure.
Year Round Appeal 
Let’s face it… few people watch TV in the summer in West Michigan and even less have time to read the newspaper. Great Deal$® easy to use format allows people to view it when they want. Thus, they are in the right frame of mind for your message to make an impact – every season of the year.
Designed as a magazine, Great Deal$® front cover, with local market attractions, along with content designed to offer something for everyone, will generate higher interest and thus, usage by consumers.

Presentation of marketing strategyAs an example (of American homes:)

  • 55% receive newspapers
    • of those, only 49% look at the ads
  • 95% have telephones
  • 98% have Televisions
  • 100% receive mail through the USPS

Use the percentages to your favor.

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